About Us

At Berealluxe.com our goal is to provide you with the most up to date information regarding treatments and products for looking and feeling your best. Our staff of experts in skincare and healthy lifestyles can answer all of your questions; from the best diet for your health to the latest products to help maintain a youthful appearance.


Our leading expert, Dr. Doug Stanley provides dermatological services to patients of all backgrounds. With the 15 years of experience Dr. Stanley brings to the table, every patient can have their Botox, Juvederm and Vivite treatments done easily. Dr. Stanley has wanted to be a doctor his whole life, and he took that path from the very beginning; he completed his undergraduate degree in science before heading off the medical school. Shortly after he completed medical school, he founded his practice. He has specialized in dermatology from the very beginning, and his practice has grown from a small office to his current location, and his family has grown as well.


Dr. Stanley lives near the office with his wife and two children. He enjoys hiking and fly fishing in his free time while his wife and kids are hanging out at the cabin by the river. Dr. Stanley understands that you have hobbies and passions. He wants to make sure that you are able to engage in your passions without feeling worried about your appearance.


Dr. Stanley conducts his practice in the most discreet and professional manner possible. He knows that you do not want to draw attention to yourself when you come to his office, and he makes sure that his entire staff treats your appointments with the utmost discretion. His employees do not speak to anyone else about your appointments, and his employees discuss your treatment with you in private.


Dr. Stanley offers Botox, Juvederm and Vivite because they are the most safe and effective skin treatments on the market. As a medical professional, Dr. Stanley is bound by a code that he believes in strongly. He does not use risky treatment methods, and he does not coerce his patients into using treatments that are suited to them. You must remember that a visit to Dr. Stanley’s office is a portal to renewed skin and appearance. You can look young again when you come to visit Dr. Stanley, and no one will know that you have come to the office. Just as Dr. Stanley values his family and free time, he values your anonymity. A visit to the office of Dr. Doug Stanley is a visit to a place where you can feel young again while under the expert care of a physician with 15 years experience.